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Me and my best friends Adam

Let me introduce you to my best friend Adam we have been best friends for years now and since high school, we first met at church but were not as close as we know we really got to know each other more through school and church events we even went to all the school dances together.  

Adam has a way of making me feel special he made me this picture in 2008 when we were in high school I missed school for a couple of weeks due to epilepsy so he missed me and he made this picture I loved it and it means so much to me. And he made my other pictures too that I keep in my scrapbooks like for valentines day he made me a heart.

Adam was a answer to prayer of mine i asked God to sent me good Christian friends because I did not know anyone in high school I was homeschooled most of my life so I was thankful God brought Adam in to my life to be my friend and I am blessed by that  and he is too we were both praying for friends and God brought  use to together to be best friends.
Me and Adam have done a…

Growing up home schooled the movies we would watch and places we would go!

Well let me just start by saying me and my sisters all had a favorite shows group up as a kid and we still do know we always had PBS kids on as a kid and Disney Jr and Nick Jr and we went to the library a lot and picked out are on movies and books.
On PBS kids we would watch Zoboomafoo with the craft brothers we loved that show we learned a lot about animals from that show  we also watched Zoom science  show were kids would teach you about silence in a fun way and do science activity's  we loved that as well we also enjoyed reading rainbow as a kid we loved to read after watching that and we liked the song and watched all the episodes ever made. I would watch Molly and the big comfy couch with her clown doll so sweet loved that show. And between the lions was our favorite as well an author and I also loved Mr. Rogers neighborhood. Sesame Street and I did enjoy watching the old barney shows growing up.
On Disney  Jr we enjoyed watching Stanley we also learned a lot about animals and a…

Beaches i have been to and what i found and saw on the beach!

I have traveled so much with my family having a stepdad who travels for his job has been a blast and a blessing we have lived in so many places and got to see a lot of beaches this is me at myrtle beach. we loved myrtle beach, I found a lot of seashells there too and we saw birds and dead jellyfish and more,

This is me when I was at north myrtle beach my family came in to town to visit us so we went to north myrtle beach and I find a cute little   hermit crab rolling around on the ocean floor so I picked it up and showed my aunt what I have found don't worry we put it back in the ocean.

 honeymoon island in Florida loved it there we saw so many cool things and I am carrying my purple bag to find seashells I love seashells I have so many that I collected know we saw a sea turtle there and some birds and fish and I loved the sea air and how it smelled.

 Hudson beach in  Hudson Florida that was beautiful too we went there for my sister autumns birthday we loved watching the sunset there a…

Product Review: My Bath Bakery

Product Review: My Bath Bakery
I got some bath samples to review from My Bath bakery I fell in love with them as soon I took them out of the box.
They sent me some really nice samples like Strawberry cheesecake sugar scrub with a cute little handle and chocolate pudding facial mask that you can put on your hands and feet and a big chocolate bath bomb kiss super cute and they  would make great valentines day gifts,
This is the cutest bath products I have ever seen my mom and sisters loved them too. 
And they smell so good I am in love with the chocolate and strawberry products they  would make great gifts for anyone,
The bath bakery does such a good job on their products there are so many good reviews on their Facebook page that's where I found out about them I was so excited when I got there products in the mail. They have 5 starts reviews on their Facebook page so that's great.
I absolutely love these products and would recommend to anyone who loves bath products and my sister put…