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Why I Blog And Why I Stared A Blog.

Why I Blog And Why I Started A Blog.

Hi, my name is Angelika thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

I started blogging in 2015 I started out just talking about the different thing in my life to just get me started as a beginner I enjoyed talking about traveling I been to so many places and Got to see so many new and exciting places. I also talk about Jesus my bible and food.

 before blogging I was a Kindergarten teachers aid at a local Christian school. They no longer need me when they opened a new school
I graduated high school in 2011 with a high school diploma After High school I did not know what to do next are what to do so I prayed about what I can do next so in 2015 my mom helped me start this blog and I could not stop.

I write here on my blog Angelika on the move the reason I called it that was because I travel I am on the move so much I enjoy hanging out with friends and family I am traveling Girl who loves to stay busy and can not just sit around all day I will not let my self-do that I am a blogger and a craftier as well a volunteer at different places  and I love dancing and going for walks and hiking so yes I am pretty busy.

 I have had the  pleasure of doing book reviews for many authors  here on my blog,
And interviewing many people as you can see on my blog
And doing many independent product reviews.

 I am a lifestyle blogger.
who loves to travel and talk about books as a book reviewer. I also enjoy sewing and doing crafts  

A family-friendly blogger talking about family fun activity's crafts and family fun. I enjoy reading chapter books that are family friendly.

And sharing my Love for my lord and savior Jesus Christ and talking about my faith.
And my journey with Epilepsy living life tell the fullest,

I also really enjoy volunteering many places especially  the library I could go to the library every day I love to read and do I best as I could do to help my community by volunteering 

The reason I started blogging is because I have so many things going on in my life and I thought I would share it with others besides my family and friends and I hope to inspire and grow my blog so others can see it and enjoy what they are reading I loved scrapbooking so I thought this is a fun way to share pictures and my life story's and I cannot tell you how happy I get when I post a new post on my blog it's so fun and I enjoy writing.

I have been to so many places that I have loved and lived myrtle beach and many different places in Florida and of course Ohio, we have also passed through many states 
And been to many beaches boy do i miss the beach right now but know you know why I started a blogging to share my many adventures I have been on with my family I have also been to many dances and have seen so many places like Broadway at the beach the boardwalk and the candy stores all in myrtle beach as well as the Hollywood wax museum and reply's museum and there aquarium and of course many different restaurants all in myrtle beach that was our favorite place to live we miss it so much.

I write here on my blog Angelika on the move and my many other links they are posted above on the top of the blog that says Instagram and Facebook just click on those and it will lead you to them. 

When I am not blogging I enjoy hand sewing and watching Roseanne with my mom and also enjoy bible study and hanging out with friends and family.

Enjoy reading thank you again for check out my blog and have a great day.



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