Being A Big Sister

I have three beautiful sisters, we are all different ages and have a different personality that is what I like most about them is we are not all the some we like different things.

Being the big sister is not always easy because you are supposed to be the better example out of your other sisters and that is not always easy growing up everyone would tell me well you are that oldest I hated being the oldest because I felt the pusher of my sisters looking up to me.

As I little older like when I was eight I realized that I got to do more than my other sisters got to do because I was the oldest like when all my sisters were asleep, I would sit on the front porch with my mom watching the fireworks it was a lot of fun. 

Being the older sister is something different that no one can really understand you would have to be the oldest out of your siblings to understand I am not really a good role model at times I can give mean looks roll my eyes and sometimes I don't say very nice things to my sisters sometimes I just do not get along with my sisters we seem to never get along at times it is always around something stupid but we all forgive each other after the end of every argument. 

But there are times when I can be a great role model for my sisters like doing what I am told when my parents ask me too, yes I still live with my parents because I have epilepsy so I live with them. I love my sisters and I know they love me too and no one can take A sister's love away from them.

Being the older I get my own room that makes me so happy I also have my own tv in my room and cable so that makes me happy I also have my own library in my room, I love to read so it is a nice thing that I have my own room so I peace and quiet when I read it makes it very nice. 

Now that I am older I enjoy being the big sister because I get to go first on things my parents do this thing oldest to youngest so the baby of the family is always the last one to pick poor thing. 

I do love being the oldest because I enjoy my sisters when we are having a good day and when we are getting along nicely and doing fun stuff together, I am very blessed to have three beautiful sisters, I love being their older sister in the best way I can believe, me, I am not perfect in any way I am a sinner saved by grace no one expects me to be perfect but I am thankful that I have God in my life to show me how I can be the best big sister I can be and a good role model for everyone.

Sorry, this blog post is so long I just love sharing what is on my heart.   

I would not give up being the big sister for anything I love my family is really blessed to have them in my life I am glad God picked me to be there older sister what I really like is that we all learn from each other in different ways God is good. 

Being the oldest sister, I was a lot of help to them growing up I would read to my little sister at night she also loved me reading her Adam and eve at night I would also help feed my little when she was little I help all my sisters growing up.

The little baby I am holding in the picture is my sister Hannah, she passed away at the age of one from being sick with a heart problem I was lucky to be her big sister as well I miss her I was also a big help to her too.  

I am so happy God blessed me with sisters I am the luckiest big sister there is. 

Enjoy reading Angelika 


  1. I remember all of those good ole days when you 5 girls were young and Hannah was a baby. Time has certainly gone by fast. Sometimes I sit and look at my photo album and think of all the fun times, the happy times and even the sad times. You all are down south, far away from family up North; Hannah is in heaven with Jesus and although time flies, sometimes it seems to stand still. You are a wonderful granddaughter. I love talking to you on facebook and on the cell phone; I love reading your blogs, and seeing your pictures. You are a wonderful BIG sister to all your younger sisters; you are a big help to your mom and dad and you are a great help to anyone that needs your help. Stay sweet and close to the Lord. We love you!!


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