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Product Review: My Bath Bakery


Product Review: My Bath Bakery

I got some bath samples to review from My Bath bakery I fell in love with them as soon I took them out of the box.

They sent me some really nice samples like Strawberry cheesecake sugar scrub with a cute little handle and chocolate pudding facial mask that you can put on your hands and feet and a big chocolate bath bomb kiss super cute and they  would make great valentines day gifts,

This is the cutest bath products I have ever seen my mom and sisters loved them too. 

And they smell so good I am in love with the chocolate and strawberry products they  would make great gifts for anyone,

The bath bakery does such a good job on their products there are so many good reviews on their Facebook page that's where I found out about them I was so excited when I got there products in the mail. They have 5 starts reviews on their Facebook page so that's great.

I absolutely love these products and would recommend to anyone who loves bath products and my sister put the pudding facial mask on her hands and feet she loved it.

I included their busyness card as well you can find them on Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest.  

I am so happy they send me a bath bomb I love bath bombs ever since I tried them in high school so I am in love with them they make you feel so relaxed and comfortable when you are in your bathtub.

My little sister said that the pudding face mask smells really good and my mom liked it all and my other sister said that she loved them.

I would give their products a 10 because they are really that good and they take pride in their products making them look so cute and pretty.

 shipping is so cheap! For the chocolate kiss bath bomb, the shopping is only $1.80.  it also says online that bath bomb is made with real Hershey's cocoa! and it smells just like it and the pudding smells just like pudding it's really amazing

business info 

Here is there website 

And their Facebook page is 

Their business card shows more info too.

Enjoy reading Angelika 


  1. I am going to have to get me some of this!! Thank you for sharing...the items are wrapped so pretty and it sounds as if it is a good product.


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