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Like a sponge Sharing Whats on my heart,

Like A Sponge

Did you ever stop to think we are like sponges in away we soak up information like a sponge even kids to it too.

We soak up information by the music we listen too and the movies we watch and listening to what people say. Kids do it too by picking up on everything so be careful what you watch and listen too around them and watch what you say because they will follow you and your chooses you make and pick up on the words that you say.

God has blessed up with the the ability to soak up information in a way that we can use to please and honor him by read and soaking up Gods word and going to church and obeying the Lord  and most of all walking by Faith and following him and not the world.  We should also pray. Prayer is a big part of our christian walk.

Also we need too soak up Gods love for use and pour out are hearts to him and not hang on to are worry and burdens. Because when we hang on to something it kills use inside and takes are joy away because we are consumed by what we are holding on too we were not made to carry are burdens by are self that is why we need God to help use ask God for help he will be glad you did.

My friend Dan send my bible study group  this and said i could share it. It is a very powerful saying

When you squeeze a sponge it shrivels up and its Skinner and Skinner, and when you release the sponge, the sponge gets fuller. That pretants to are walk with God, when we get so caught up in trials and tribulations, and don't go to God are hearts get tinier and tinier, but when we go to God, and release the suffering are hearts get bigger and bigger and we become full again.

We also need to pay attention to what is in are hearts and mind and what we are putting in are hearts and mind.
The bible say Guard your heart for the issues of life flows from it.

Proverbs 4:23

23 Be very careful about what you think.
    Your thoughts run your life.

It breaks breaks my heart when parents are not nice to there children i was at the mall once and i heard this mom yelling at here kids and calling them bad names and cussing at them and it broke my heart to see that i mean they were little kids like 3 and 5 that's not right and when you Go to Walmart you hear the something why have kids when you are going to be mean and hateful too them. 

I also do not like to hear when people say Kids kids ruin everything that is a heart problem and needs to be worked out between you and God.
If kids are not in you future then don't have them.

kids teach use all kinds of wonderful things like being cheerful  and how to be kind and they bring joy in the world I know a lot of parents like mom and dads that are happy to be parents and have the write attitude and love them and care for them and like a sponge kids feel and know that you love them.

I am not saying you don't love your kids i am just saying that you need to be careful how you act around them and how you talk around them because one day they will be just like you and talk and act just like you too. The bible say be careful  what you say and hear and do.

Proverbs 13:3

3 Be careful what you say and protect your life. A careless talker destroys himself.

That Goes with special needs people too they bring so much to the work and they are a joy to be around they are always so happy and are very caring and loving they don't ask for much but what they do ask for is simply the little things you would never thought much to ask for it. I was so blessed that i was able to work at a special needs camp for kids from school age from middle school the camp was called butterfly camp is it was at are local YMCA. I also Got to help with older and adult with special needs at are church since i was 16 that was something i really enjoyed.

I also Got to be a kindergarten teachers aide for a christian school i really enjoyed that.

What do you enjoy doing? Parents what advice would you give to other parents? 
Looking forward to you thoughts 

Enjoy reading Angelika 


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