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Pink vibes

Pink vibes

Pink is such a warm and happy feeling I love this pink choker necklace I found for a dollar at Walmart and it goes great with the pink shirt I found at a thrift store.

I was at dollar tree with my mom and sisters today and I found this beautiful lip glass that is light pink and the other one is bright pink.

Pink has a very cheerful and joyful and playful and charming pink is sweetness and the pink color is the color of love like on valentines day I love to wear pinks and reds on valentines day.

I love trying a new style pink is something I normally don't wear but I was really to give it a try but I also enjoy pink and red lipstick and lip gloss 
I also love pink and blue eyeshadow.

I love pink and red roses and love getting gifts on valentine's day it makes me feel joyful and happy.

pink really brings out your skin and hair and it makes you happy and it definitely makes me feel happy and pink is a very popular color on many movies like the pink ladies on grease and pink on mean girls.

 pink is the color of spring and I love all the pink flowers and pink nail polish I also love pink sparkly earrings and jewelry pink blush on your cheeks is beautiful too.

Pigs are pink too and they are so cute especially when there baby and little.

I love cotton candy and cotton candy scented perfume pink heart cookies are so cute too pink flamingos are beautiful pink sparkly lips and lipsticks are so beautiful  Starbucks pink drinks are beautiful too.

Spring should be all about pink all shades of pink are beautiful and they all bring a happy mood I love blogging about fashion and lifestyle.

I love pink colors in the sky when the sun comes up and the sun goes down pink is always and always going to be a fun color.

let your inner pink shine wear pink with pride and show it off and enjoy it because like I said it is a fun color I love the pink and sparkly shoes. earrings scarves and hats and purses as well as pink makeup and pink eyeshadow.

I love pink felt and pink fabric and i love patrick star because he is pink and of course i love spongebob.

Pink hair accessories are wonderful too they are beautiful and you  can wear them anywhere.

pink ladies in grease are awesome i love there style and there jackets and there sunglasses frenchie is my favorite characters.

I love marilyn monroe in gentlemen prefer blondes in her pink dress boy was it beautiful when she was singing diamonds are a girl's best friend she was beautiful and her movies were very fun and different.

Enjoy reading Angelika


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