tales from the lilly pad

tales from the Lilly Pad 

I was watching the princess and the frog today and my favorite part is when they are going down the bayou when ray the firefly is leading Tatiana and Prince Naveen down the bayou and they follow all the beautiful fireflies that are in the movie it is such a beautiful scene from the movie.

I have seen a lily pad and they are so unique and cool all of them are different and I loved hearing the frogs in the water and the insects it is a very loud and unique sound.

If I were to tell a tale from lily pad it would go something like this a long time ago there was a lonely lily pad that found himself a magical place called water lily and in this place he was not along he was surrounded by people other lilly pads in the water he sow the strange creature that was green and had big eyes it jumped on him this weird creature was a frog there were lots of them hopping to one lily pad to another as he watched these frogs came in different colors and sizes all the other lilly pads were happy to see them so every day he would watch the frogs and enjoy their company and made friends with every single one he was never lonely again the end.

Lily pads are so beautiful all the different flowers on them are so pretty and colorful lily pads are truly an amazing experience to see and one that you will get lots of pretty pictures from.

I also love seeing the dragonflies flying around the swamp and hearing them and the frogs are so loud and noise especially in Florida you can hear them everywhere especially at night.

I also love seeing how one frog hops to another lily pad and sometimes you can see them under the lily pad peeking their little eyes out at you and sometimes you see all of them asleep on the lily pad frogs are so cute especially the tiny little ones.

My grandma loves frogs they are her favorite for Christmas one year I made her a cute frog holding a heart she loved it you will also see frog decorations in her house she has a cute frog mug too.

Frogs spend all their lives in water they eat a free lunch dinner and breakfast of insects that are free to them they love to sit on lily pads that hold them up frogs also like to sit in the sun they sit anywhere they can find on dirt sidewalks on trees the edge of the water bank were ever the sun is they will be also. 

Frog are very simple animals they are so cool to hold and I love watching them hop away and we had so many cute little frogs in myrtle beach all around our house they were so tiny and cute we also had little snails all around our house as well in port st Lucie Florida there were also frogs that like to climb on our windows and we loved to see them and hear them.

I got this blog post came from my aunt she used to have a blog called Tales from the Lilly pad so I thought that was cute and a cute idea.

My favorite cartoon character is Kermit the frog also growing up I loved reading the froggy children's books to my grandma and mom who loved them too and so did my sisters

Enjoy reading Angelika