The challenges I have overcome

The challenges I have overcome

Hi, My Name is Angelika and I thought I would share with you the challenges I have overcome.

I have had epilepsy my whole life in grade school I was way behind in school I could not even hold a pencil my teacher was doing all the work for me.

 they  had no patience with me I had bad ADHD
I had the Grand mal seizures at the time they were horrible it was not easy being a special needs child in school but I  still have challenges today being an adult.

My mom took me out of the school and homeschooled me she took the time to sit with and teach me what the public school could not teach me at the time my mom took the time to help me hold a pencil learn how to read and write as well as helping me spell words and many other schools would be teaching like math and many others.

She helped me write better by writing letters to family and friends and letters to my great grandma I enjoyed writing letters and I still enjoy writing letters and having pen pals today.

She homeschooled me and my three sisters as well as my cousin who lived with us at the time we had a lot of fun she would tack us on field trips and we joined a homeschooling group at church to meet other homeschoolers too.

My mom homeschooled my sisters and I thought middle school and grade school.

know that I have a medical condition called epilepsy and other problems too my handwriting 
sill need more practice and sometimes my spelling is not the best but I always try to do my best and never give up.

I thank My Mom for always helping me by homeschooling my sisters and me when we were all high school age my mom let us all go back to public school.

If I was not homeschooled by my mom I would never be ready for high school and graduate with a diploma I thank my mom every day for homeschooling my sisters and me she took the time to homeschool my cousin too who was living with us at the time.

I enjoy blogging and helping others the best I can by interviewing authors and doing book reviews and helping special needs adults like me when I was in high school I help out with butterfly camp for special needs children from grade school through middle school I also helped out in a church  class called the good shepherds it was for adults with special needs I really enjoyed that I also helped in the children's department.

I was also a kindergarten teacher aide I really enjoyed that I never thought I would be a teachers aide but God had a plan that's for sure.

Enjoy reading Angelika