Make Time to sit at a Dinner Table together With your family!

Make Time to sit at a Dinner Table together With your family!

There is something special about sitting together at the table as a family.  It brings you and your family together and it gives you time to really talk about your day As well as showing work as a time to get dinner ready as well as setting the table.

Growing up we would sit at the table for every meal lunch dinner and breakfast as well as dessert we were never allowed to eat in the other rooms we always ate at the table. I can remember getting and counting out the plates to set the table as well as getting the cups out and napkins and I would also use names tags to show you where we would sit. 

We would sit at the table every Sunday after church with my dad would have lunch ready for use when we got home he always did make the best-baked spaghetti.

When we Go to my Grandma house to visit we always sit at the table for every meal breakfast lunch and dinner. she decorates the dinner table so beautiful with fine china and matching dishes my grandma has taught me hot to set the table like knives and spoons go on the left and forks go on the right and she taught me how to fold napkins.

Growing up my mom always found fun ways to get used to eating the table she would like us to pick out our own table mats and cups as well as dishes.

With Dinner meals and TV trays, we have lost the art of sitting a table and eating as a family that has taken over family time and no one knows how to cook and people have lost their table manners. 

Most people do not know how to set a table anymore as well as knowing what table manners are I learned at a very young age how to act at a table as well as how to set a table. 

 my sisters and I were never allowed to act up at the dinner table we learned how to act and how manners are important at a table with family.

We also learned at a young age to pray for every meal it seems people don't know how to do that anymore it is so important to pray as a family at the dinner table thanking God for the food we are about to eat.

My Grandma said also that it is important so that the family can discuss how the day went; they can discuss any news, it's a time for fellowship.

God blessed us with the gift of family and I believe that we should be eating at the dinner table together to have fellowship with one another as well as talking about our day and it really does bring the family together and enjoy the time we have together know. 

Do you sit at the table with your family? 

Why do you think it is important to sit at the table as a family?

love to hear from you

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