Travel Hilton Head island south carolina

Travel Hilton Head island south Carolina 

My stepdad surprised my sisters and me as well as my mom on a trip to Hilton head island.

We  Had so much fun and the weather was beautiful but really hot here are some things we did well we were there thought I would share.

First, we went to the beach to watch the sunrise it was beautiful I loved all the different colors in the sky Gods amazing paintbrush we had a lot of fun watching the sunrise over the ocean and it made for a lot of pretty pictures the sand is so white and soft.

If you have not seen the sunrise in Hilton head island make sure you add it to your bucket list.

We stopped at this cute little cafe for breakfast it was super cute inside they had different things you can buy inside like postcards cards and decorations for the house.  The cafe had a bakery inside and a coffee shop inside too.

We stopped at a pier and saw some beautiful ships and lighthouses me and my sisters looked in the ocean and I saw a live jellyfish it was so cool to see we also saw a little crab in the water too.
My stepdad had another surprise for us too and that was being able to ride a trolly around the town it was really cool.

This is me and my sisters on the trolly going for a ride the weather was beautiful and the wind felt nice we saw people go past and beautiful wildlife and I got a postcard for my friend Adam it had a dolphin on it and for me I got this cute little coin purse that says Hilton head island on it.

My sister Got two t-shirts one for her and one for my mom they said Hilton Head Island on them savannah my sister got a beautiful bracelet.

If you have not been to Hilton Head Island make sure you put it on your bucket list to visit on your next vacation and make sure you ride the trolly.

More pictures of our trip It was a lot of fun to spend the day there we saw a lot for just being there for one day the ice cream I got was so good I got peanut butter in a waffle cone with topping on it.
It was so hot that our ice cream was melting so fast after we left we went to barns and noble bookstore.

It was really a nice day with the family and we hope to go back soon and visit more there they have a lot of fun things to do there.

Make sure you add Hilton Head Island to your bucket list to visit on your next family vacation it is so much fun that you will not want to go home.

After Hilton head island we ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant
we had a wonderful time.