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My Homeschooling memories

this is an old picture of me at the park when I was 14 teen and homeschooled 

My homeschooling memories 

I think homeschooling is a good choice because it brought me closer to my mom and sisters my mom homeschooled me and my three sisters plus my cousin who was living with us at the time she always had fun plans up her sleeve and fun ways to teach us through book and computer.

When I was homeschooled my favorite activities were going on field trips with our homeschooling group and with my mom One time we went to an apple orchard and picked some apples we would go to the museum and the library and the part we were at the library every day it was so much the book I enjoyed reading at the library was books about ancient Egypt and animals as well as science and nature books I still enjoy reading this kind of books.

Being homeschooled was a lot of fun plus we were very social we always had friends over we would go to church and be in classes to meet people as well as going to youth group even…