Here is my Ultimate Summer Bucket List 2019

Here is MY Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Here is my  Ultimate Summer Bucket List That I would love to do and have this summer.

This summer there is so much that I would love to do with my family and I thought I would make a list here and check it off this summer and blog about it so keep checking back so you can follow along on my many adventures this summer and I will cross of what Was on my bucket list and blog about it.

1. picnic at the park.  I would love to have a picnic in the park with my family we will just have to find the perfect park to go to where we live.

2. Go hiking. I would love to go hiking with my family there are all kinds of hiking places where I live and I and my family Love going hiking in the woods together.

3. go fishing. I would love to Go fishing with my family this summer it would be so much fun we can pack a lunch in a cooler and sit back and talk and fish in a boat together. 

4. go bowling. I love going bowling that would be so much fun with my family we can buy pizza and pop at the bar in the bowling ally. 

6. Go to a park we have
 never been to before.  I love going to the park and have picnics and walking around with my family and taking pictures.

7. Go swimming and having a cookout by the pool. I would love to go swimming with my family and have a cookout by the pool.

8. bake cookies and try a new cook recipe. I love to back cookies so I will be making and trying a new cookie recipe for my family this summer.

9. do a fun science project. I would love to do a science project so I will be doing A new science project this summer too.

10.making sand castles at the beach and go swimming in the ocean with my family. I would be great for my family And me to have a picnic at the pool and spend the day there I love the beach.

11.  Go to the movies. I love going to the movies with my family and getting popcorn candy and pop to drink the movies are always so fun to go to.

12, watch fireworks this 4th of July. I love watching fireworks with my family it is always so much fun.

13. watch a sunset. those are so beautiful and Gods beautiful artwork and it the perfect thing to watch.

14. watch a Sunrise. sunrises are always so beautiful image of Gods amazing Artwork.

15. Go on a nature walk. Nature walks are always so beautiful and I love seeing all the wildlife and listing to nature and taking pictures.

16. Go on a car ride. I love going on car rides with my family I hope we get to do that this summer I love getting ice cream too when we go for car rides.

17. taking a class. I would love to take different classes this year some of them on my bucket list is to take a sign language class. take  A music class to learn how to play an instrument.   

18, Do a new craft. I love doing crafts so I can't wait to do crafts this summer.

19. Go shopping. Go visit a new store and buy things.

20. Go to A Baseball Game.  I love going to a baseball game with my family I hope we can do that this summer and get a hotdog baseball hotdogs are the best. this summer. My plan is to read over a hundred book this summer.

22. Go to a library program,  Join a library program this summer and sign up for a summer reading program.

23.try A new recipe. I love trying a new recipe 

24. get my ears double pierced.  

25. Go to a new restraint. Go to a new restraint with my family 

26. watch A  new movie.

27. buy A metal detector.

Here is my summer bucket list I Can't wait to do all of these amazing things this summer and take pictures and blog about them.

Found some of the ideas on google.


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