Product Review: My bath Bakery bath spa products for kids 2019

Product Review: My bath Bakery bath spa products for kids.

Look what came in the mail for me today My bath bakery box Kimberly surprised me with a box from her new summer collection. 

Inside was a real beaded necklace from New Orleans and a new snow cone bath bomb strawberry and lemonade scented she also included their new bath cookies and cream bath crumple all you do is take a spoonful or two and pour it over the running water will turn into bubble for a nice bubble bath that will smell good. 

I also received their new clear coat nail polish that is super pretty it has glitter in it too. 

I have been doing a review for my bath bakery for many years now and I just love their products they are super cute and they make great gifts for anyone I love how cute the products are packaged and decorated The girl that sends me these amazing products her name is Kimberley we have become great friends and I am so glad to be able to review these products for her. 

You can find Kimberly online. 


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Please take time to view this super cute bath spa products for kids your child will love them. 

I love their products and I will highly recommend it to anyone who has children. 

Kimberly, who sends me beautiful products, has become my family friend and we are glad to call her a friend.