DIY T-Shirt Scarf! That is super cute.

The youtube video I got the craft idea from.

DIY T-Shirt Scarf! That is super cute.

Here is the DIY T-shirt scarf craft I made last night I had some friends asking me to put the instructions on my blog.
This cute scarf craft is super easy and fun to make. 

I am including the YouTube video I got the idea from the T-shirt scarf video is made by Choose Friendship so look for them on YouTube they share some super cute craft video.


An old t-shirt  or a sweater 

craft scissors. 

beads if you use them to decorate your scarf.

You can find T-shirts or Sweaters at your local goodwill or other places you can find cheap t-shirts. at many fine stores.


Watch the video up at the top to learn how to make this beautiful scarfs that are super easy to make.

I have a lot more sweaters I can turn in two beautiful scarfs and what a great craft to reuse old clothing that just sits in your closet. 

This would also make for some super cute Christmas gifts idea that you and your kids can make together. 

Enjoy making this awesome craft and please share a picture if you make some I would love to see pictures. 

Enjoy Reading Angelika