Beaufort SC food truck Festival Oct 12, 2019

Got a Gyro from the magic food truck 

The Magic Food truck where I got my Gyro

The  Effervescence YogaSpa booth 

A hand made sunflower mask at the 

Effervescence YogaSpa booth

Got a pumpkin spice cupcake at the little diddle's Sweetery

My pumpkin spice cupcake from Little diddle's sweetery  

All the Food trucks 

The maid Booth where I sign up to win a 4 hour clean.

Beaufort SC food truck Festival 2019

I went to the third year food truck festival with my family today it was such a beautiful day to go it was in the 80s today not bad at all.

The money that the food trucks make goes to a camp called camp hope a camp for special needs children and adults with cognitive disabilities.

I got a gyro at the magic food truck it was a cool looking truck they made it look like the kid's cartoon the magic school bus the gyro was super delicious.

I also got a cute pumpkin spice cupcake at  Little Diddle's Sweetery they were so good.

I went to this yoga booth called Effervescence Yoga Spa at the booth there was a lady showing you got to make recyclable paper it was a lot of fun to make a good experience they even had a sunflower mask for a photo opportunity so of course, I had to get a photo.

There were all kinds of food trucks and vendors set up their businesses so people can check them out I got handmade soap from this one lady for a very special someone for Christmas.

There was also a DJ playing music it was a very fun relaxing day.

I really had fun and enjoyed the experience hope we can go again next year. 

Here is the website where you can read more on the little diddle's Sweetery  

Here is there facebook page 


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There facebook page

Here is the  Effervescence YogaSpa website.

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