Interviewing Author Tammy Thompson

Interviewing Author Tammy Thompson

Q1. Tell me about yourself what are your favorite books to read? 

A. I read a ton of Andrew Wommack books for growing my relationship with God as well as the Bible on a daily basis. I also invest in reading marketing books to learn how to get my books in the hands of those looking for my book. In between all that I enjoy reading sweet, uplifting stories.

Q2. When did you decide you were going to write a book? 

A. In 2017 the story started to live in my head and develop. My youngest son had suffered nightmares for years and every night he would pray and ask God to have only good dreams and no bad dreams. So I started to wonder what a place like that would be like. A place children who suffered from chronic nightmares could escape to, someplace safe and full of hope. That is how the story began. 

Q3. How did you come up with name of your books? 

A. The Land of Good Dreams is the name of the first book and also the name of the book series. It comes from my son’s prayers asking to have all good dreams and no bad dreams. 

Q4. What are you working on for 2019? 

A. I am finishing up The Dream Lures, book 2 in The Land of Good Dreams series which will hopefully be released late this summer. I have plans to try to get book 3 started if not complete by the end of the year. I also have a standalone nonfiction book titled God is Able, which is  based on 2 Corinthians 9:8, and that is about to go to my editor. That will be out sometime this year along with a study guide for Bible study groups.

Q5. How long have you been writing? 

A. I self published my first book Hope Holds You in 2011 under my real name Tammy Thompson. Now I publish under my pen name T. S. Thompson.

Q6. What advice would you give other authors?  

A. Write from your heart with a purpose to encourage readers. But be prepared to learn how to sell. Marketing as an author is as much work if not more work than writing the book.

7. Where can people find you online? 
Facebook page:




Q8. Do you plan on making more books in the future? 
A. Yes. God has been giving me stories my whole life and I would write them down but never knew what I was to do with them. Now I feel the calling of authorship on my life and I plan to write till the day the Lord brings me home.

Q9. How many books have you written? 

A. I have two published with 2-3 more being published this year.

Q10. Did you go to college to be a writer? 

A. No, but everything you need to know to become a writer can be found online. 

11.  What is your favorite coffee or tea? 

A. I drink organic black coffee, green tea with jasmine, and lavender chamomile tea.



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