Our family trip to Sanibel island 2015

Our family trip  to Sanibel island 2015

I had so much fun visiting Sanibel Island with my family. My stepdad surprised My family and me on a day trip to the island.

We had so much fun we stopped at Pinocchios ice cream shop and got some dessert-like different kinds of candy and ice cream.

We also stopped at an outside shopping mall and we saw these beautiful birds they even talked to us it was a lot of fun shopping around and buying fun things.  we stopped at a restraint nearby that was inside a supermarket and I got the seafood salad it was good.

we finally made it to the beach and I found a lot of seashells and we saw a lighthouse and my sisters said they saw a sea turtle but I did not get to see it becouse I was taking pictures.

There was a great Photo opportunity.  someone put 2015 in the sand using seashells so I had to get a picture by it I also got a picture of me holding up a lot of seashells in my hand.

My family and I lived in Fort Myers Florida at the time so we lived close to Sanibel island so it only took us about 40 minutes to get there from our house.

If you ever find your self in Florida I highly recommend Sanibel island it is beautiful and there is so much to see and do.

Sanibel Island is one of my favorite beaches the whole beach is beautiful and it is a sea shell paradise.

My family and I wanted to move there but God had other plans for us I am just glad I got to see Sanibel Island 

We stopped and got some ice cream at Pinocchio's ice cream then we had dinner at jerry food's we also saw some beautiful birds one of the birds said hello to me.

What is your favorite beach?