Forrest Gump and Me In west Virginia 2019

Forrest Gump  and Me In west Virginia 2019 

My mama always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.'”-Forrest

I thought this was the coolest Forrest Gump statue I ever seen.

My family and I where in west Virginia and we stopped at a Gas station and there he was sitting there in the hallway on a bench with a box of chocolate in his hands so of course I had to get a picture right by him.

I love this movie it was a super cute movie and I loved the way he loved jenny it was so cute and heartwarming but it was sad she could not see the love he had for her.

Forrest was a great friend for jenny and jenny was a great friend to him I love there friendship they had in the movie.

I really like Forrest's character in the movie he was funny and very interesting he definitely  had a great mom that would do anything for him.

My sister Also got a picture by him too.

I would give the Forrest Gump  movie 5 stars because it was such a good movie and one of my many favorites. 

I would have loved to sit there and listing to his story's in the move I am sure he at a lot to say.

I tried reading the book but I did not like it I loved the movie better maybe because I did not understand the book but that's OK. 

Enjoy reading Angelika

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