My bath bakery Christmas order 2019

My bath bakery Christmas order 2019

My bath bakery is spa products for kids!

I love their products and have been using them my self for years.

I got to cake pop bath bombs

Cake pop 1 is sweet strawberry

cake pop 2 is strawberry shortcake

I got two donut bath bombs.

Donut 1 is cotton candy bubblegum With sprinkles

Donut 2 is cotton candy bubble gum with no sprinkles

I got 1 marshmallow cream lotion the new Christmas collection

Marshmallow cream lotion is candy cane kisses it smells amazing

I got two sugar scrubs that are vanilla peppermint and they smell amazing.

I love all their products

your Little Girl will love their products, 

I have been using and reviewing my bath bakery since 2016 when I discovered their Facebook page I fellow in love with them ever since.

Their products are non-toxic and made with real food it is truly amazing The Way the company packages and decorates their products are so cute.

They have the cutest bath products I have ever seen my mom and sisters loved them too. 

The bath bakery does such a good job on their products there are so many good reviews on their Facebook page that's where I found out about them, I was so excited when I got there products in the mail. They have 5 stars reviews on their Facebook page, so that's great.

I absolutely love these products and would recommend to anyone who loves bath products

I would give their products a 10 because they are really that good and they take pride in their products making them look so cute and pretty.

All their products smell amazing they smell just like real food and they look like real food. 

My bath bakery products would make a great non- edible gift ideas for anyone, no matter what age they are fun and very relaxing.

Here is their website