Independent review on colour spell make up.

Colour spell make up.

I got colour spell eye shadow and lip glass on sale at dollar general.

I love the colour of the lip gloss and the eye shadow really makes your eyes pop.

My favorite colors in the eye shadow are the blues I love the color blue.

What I like about this make up brand is that it does not make my skin dry or cause my lips to itch.

I can't wait to try out more of there make up products.

I am starting something new on my blog. I am going to talk about fashion and beauty products. 

I never heard of colour spell make up before so I am glad I got to try it out and I fell in love with it. 

What is your favorite makeup brand to use? 

have you ever tried colour spell make up?

You can find colour spell makeup online and I am sure at other stores as well.


  1. Great product review,Angelika! I can see why you like blue eyeshadow. What is your favorite lipgloss color?


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