My favorite Household chores and cleaning products I like to use. Plus a free printable bathroom chore chart

My favorite Household chores and cleaning products I like to use. 

I like to us spic and span for my Kitchen I use it on the cupboards and the kitchen sicks as well as the floor and trash can.  I also use it in my downstairs bathroom it smells so good.

For the two up stories bathrooms, I like to use Lysol all-purpose cleaning spray on the toilets and around the toilet as well as the bathroom sinks and bathtubs. I also use it to clean the bathroom trash cans.  It smells wonderful like lemon. 

For are Laundry we like to Use Purex 4n1 Clorox pods.  The fabric softener we like to us is suavitel and Tandil.  these products make our clothes smell amazing and it makes are clothing super soft.

When we can we also like using Scentsy laundry supplies we love the laundry soaps and the Washer Whiffs. My sister savannah sells Scentsy we love using there cleaning products too. 

My sister autumn loves The Scentsy Luna laundry line. It cleans and makes your clothes smell amazing and it helps with those hard stains. 

I will share my sister Scentsy link at the bottom of these posts as well as the other links as well. 

Question Time?  What are your favorite Household chores to do? 

My favorite Chores to do around the house is the bathrooms and the laundry I also enjoy cleaning my room and cleaning off the kitchen cupboards. 

I am including a free bathroom chore chart printable link below this post.

I always loved to help my mom clean when I was a little girl I loved dusting and cleaning the bathrooms I still love doing that to this day. I love helping my mom keep our house clean.

When I was Little I had my bedroom and I enjoyed keeping it clean and nice looking. 

I also like to help my mom by unloading the dishwasher even though I do not like that Job I also help by cooking dinner and lunch I love to cook.

With spring just around the corner now is a perfect time to get your cleaning supplies for spring cleaning.

I love spring cleaning because I enjoy using all my favorite cleaning products and we open the windows for fresh air when we clean.

My mom always used to say a clean home is a happy home.

I like it when I come home to a clean house it's more inviting and you can relax without having to clean something right when you get home. 

Here is the free bathroom cleaning checklist printable just go to this website to print it out.

Here is the Lysol website. 

Here is the Clorox website.

Here is the Suavitel website.

Here is Savannah Scentsy website

You can connect with Savannah on her website. 

Contact her if you have questions. 

She will be happy to answer them. 

Here is the Oxiclean website.