The Beautiful Bracelet Adam got me for Valentines day 2020

The Beautiful Bracelet Adam got me for Valentine's day.

Adam Got me this beautiful bracelet for Valentine's day.

I love it, I wear it where ever I go.

He got me a box of dark chocolate candy bars with a strawberry filling inside they were so good he also got me a super cute Valentine's day card. 

Adam made my Valentine's day so special he took me to texas roadhouse for dinner and to a movie we saw the photograph.

I had a lot of fun with Adam  I loved the movie and I loved my dinner at texas roadhouse. 

The chocolate he got me was so good I shared it with my mom and sisters who also liked it.

After dinner, we went to the mall to look around we walked around Barnes and noble than to some other stores in the mall.  

I love how the bracelet has a cute little heart charm. It is so pretty I love it.