how to workout and stay fit at home outside of the Gym.

how to work out and stay fit at home outside of the Gym.

I started taking my health seriously this year,

I start my keto journey two months ago I started taking keto diet more seriously for my health.

Once you start keto you never look at food the same way again I hardly ever eat carbs anymore and everything I eat is low carb or keto-friendly.

I have been having so much fun cooking keto-friendly meals and desserts for my family I love trying healthy recipes.

I also enjoy working out at home 5 days a week I enjoy doing Zumba and walk away the pounds as well as yoga.

I find so many free workout videos on YouTube I find all kinds of free Zumba videos on YouTube some with walk away from the pounds and yoga videos.

you too can find all kinds of free workout videos on youtube.

When the weather is nice out my mom and I will go for a 2-mile walk as well. I love being outside walking and being active. 

I have a schedule every morning I get up around 8:30am and do a workout for 30 minutes a day every morning I in joy it.

For those of you who do not know what Zumba is it is a dance workout the is great for your health, Zumba is perfect for you if you like to dance like me.

Make sure you talk to your doctor before starting any diet or workouts because what is right for me may not be right for you so always go to your doctor before starting anything.

I also drink a lot of water throughout the day I carry a water bottle around the house with me so I can remember to get my water in for the day.

You can find keto and low carb recipes on YouTube as well as free workout videos too, find what works for you.

I love working out because it gives me energy throughout the day and it makes me feel so much better about my self and my health. Working out is so good for you and it can be fun,

I know it's hard to work out right now because of the virus and the gyms being closed but thank goodness for YouTube and the free workout videos.

What have you been doing to stay healthy and fit?

what are your favorite workouts to do?

When I go to the gym when it is open I enjoy walking on the treadmill and lifting weights.

I am always doing something to make sure I am workout and staying active.

I also enjoy doing many more workouts by going to a workout class at the gym and YMCA when I go. 

I also enjoy hiking with my family and walking outside with my family. 

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