my bath bakery new makeup review August 2020. Sponsored


my bath bakery new makeup review. 

Yay, my bath bakery spa products came today!

My bath bakery is spa products for kids everything they make is awesome. 

I would like to introduce you to my bath bakery new makeup line.

In the picture is the cookies and cream and milkshake new eyeshadow palette.

I also have the new makeup brush too it is so cute and it has sprinkles in it as well.

This is the cutest makeup for kids I have ever seen they are all organic made with real ingredients and super safe for your skin.

The eyeshadow is so soft and the colors are amazing what I like about them is that you can see all the pretty colors.

I have been doing reviews for my bath bakery since 2014 and I love their products and I will continue to buy them for me and my family.

I have been Sponsored by my bath bakery to do a review of there amazing products on my blog and social media accounts.

All their products come in fun food shapes and different fun scents.

They package there products so cute too and they are always packaged so pretty.

They make great gifts for any occasion.

The bath bakery does such a good job on their products there are so many good reviews on their Facebook page that's where I found out about them I was so excited when I got there products in the mail. 

They have 5 stars reviews on their Facebook page so that's great.

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