Interviewing Author Leah Fort

 1. Tell me about yourself?

I am a visionary, goal-oriented person with a sparkling zeal for life! The two pillows that decorate the guest chairs in my office say sunshine and sparkle—in gold glitter. My daughter gave me a cup that says optimism stating that as soon as she saw it, she knew it was for me. Those three words describe my general disposition and outlook on life. Even when circumstances are not what I would choose, I am optimistic about what is to come. I expend my thought-energy pursuing what and who might bring sunshine and sparkle into my days.

To give you a glimpse into my background, my dad was a pastor and a Marine Corps Sergeant, so our family moved a few times during my growing up years, settling in Amarillo, Texas. From the time I was a young girl, I knew the Lord was leading me into ministry. I began by teaching and leading in youth ministry and moved into many other areas of ministry speaking, teaching, singing, and presenting at retreats, revivals, and conferences.

My husband, Mike, and I have performed music together with our entire married lives, including appearing on national television. Together, we led worship music while I served as Worship Pastor. Today, I am an ordained minister with a focus on writing, speaking, and teaching, and continue to lead worship and perform music with Mike. 

Married since 1982, Mike and I have a favorite spot for resting and writing in the mountains of Colorado. My favorite pastimes include singing with Mike, dates in his classic cars, and all times with our family. We have a daughter, Sydney, married to Chase Clark, a son, Lane, married to Neeley, and seven fabulous grandchildren.

2.What are your favorite books to read?

As a young person, I consumed mysteries and collected Nancy Drew, Trixie Beldon, and Hardy Boys books. Now, my attention is drawn to titles of religious non-fiction. I do enjoy occasional classic novels and Christian literature, like Jane Austen, Harper Lee, and C.S. Lewis, as well as biblically based leadership, works by Zig Ziglar, John C. Maxwell, and Michael Hyatt. These are my go-to genres and a few of my favorite authors. I also write children’s stories, so I enjoy reading them. Our seven grandchildren provide a good excuse for buying them, too!

3. When did you decide you were going to write a book?

I was a storyteller from the time I could put together a full sentence and entertained my friends with stories—real and imaginary—throughout my growing up years. I began writing at seven years of age when I bought my first daily diary. In high school, I wrote songs and poems and began writing children’s stories as a young adult. Later, as my 

speaking engagements increased in number, people began asking if I had any books, and I knew that writing a book(s) based on my speaking presentations would be my next step.

4. How did you come up with the name of your book?

My first step was to look at other titles in my genre to learn what titles and covers were connecting with the readers. After several attempts at a good title and subtitle on my own, I created a social media poll in a writers’ group. The insight of other writers was tremendously helpful to create a fitting title and subtitle.

5. What are you working on for 2021?

I am working on an accompanying devotional book for my book, Your Royal Rendezvous, as well as a new book project.

6. How long have you been writing?

I have been writing stories and poetry since the age of seven and became a published author in 2008.


7.What advice would you give other authors?

Practice your craft! Write something every single day, even if it’s only a few sentences.

Take under advisement the thoughts and ideas of other published authors.

Get a professional cover designer to create your book cover. Book cover designers know the trends of what people are buying regarding design styles, fonts, and colors that suit your genre. For instance, some years blue shades are the colors that sell, other years golds and oranges are what fly off the shelves first. A book cover designer will know the trends of the time. 

Finally, hire a professional editor. It is worth the price of their expertise to have a fully edited version of your book.

8. Where can people find you online?

Leah Fort Author & Speaker –


Facebook: Leah Fort, Author & Speaker –

Twitter: Leah Fort Connects –

Instagram: Leah Fort Connect -

Amazon Author Page:  

Amazon Book Page: 

9. What is your favorite coffee drink?

At home, breakfast roast coffee, sweetened with Stevia, is best enjoyed sipped on the back patio or curled up in my overstuffed chair, next to my favorite picture window. When I’m out for coffee, my go-to drinks are a dirty chai or pumpkin spice latte. When I want that special cup of extra sweetness, I will order a Vermont—which I affectionately call 

“Pancake in a Cup.” 

10. What is your favorite coffee shop?

We have two local coffee shops I enjoy; Roasters and Palace Coffee.

11. Do you plan on making a new book in the future?

Yes. I have two in the works right now and will continue writing as long as I believe the Lord is leading me to do so.

12. How many books have you written?

My newest book Your Royal Rendezvous: Awake from Your Slumber, Arise from Defeat, Acquire Your Place at the Throne of Grace Is my first full book project. I have other published works in three anthologies Faith Lessons: Experience the Miracles (Insight), Success Simplified (Insight), and Women of Purpose: Catch the Vision God Has for Your Life (Higgins). 

13. Did you go to college to be a writer?

Not specifically, but the writing I did in college helped me tremendously, as an author. My degrees are in General Studies with an emphasis in psychology and sociology, followed by a degree in Christian Studies with Biblical Counseling.


  1. Wonderful interview! I'm trying to catch up with all of your posts. I have been enjoying all of these talented authors and learning more about them. Leah's story sounds wonderful!


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