at Sanibel Island 2015

at Sanibel Island we loved it there it is one of our many favorites.   

 the whole beach was beautiful and I found a lot of seashells there too.

 we stopped at a restaurant and ate there and looked around all the little shops.

 I got to talk to a bird the bird talked back to me that was really cool, 

I loved seeing everything there was an old lighthouse there that was beautiful and my sister saw a sea turtle.

  We would differently go back and visit.

make sure you stop at Pinocchio's Italian ice cream when you go there they have really good ice cream. 

We loved Sanibel Island so much that we really wanted to move there but God had other plans for us I am so blessed that I got to visit there I was in seashell paradise for sure I found so many I did not want to leave.

If you ever find yourself in Florida I highly recommend Sanibel island it is beautiful and there is so much to see and do.

Sanibel Island is one of my favorite beaches the whole beach is beautiful and it is a sea shell paradise.