Vero beach flordia

I am  at  vero beach in Florida that was a beautiful beach and we loved watching the sunrise over the ocean 

we did not like this beach as much because we got bit by small bugs it is hurt.

but we loved the sunrise and the palm trees and I find some snails and we loved seeing the seagulls. I also really loved watching the beautiful sunrise.

I also really loved watching the beautiful sunrise over the ocean with my family of you never watched the sunrise on the beach but that on your bucket list is a wonderful sight to see God's amazing artwork.

this picture was taken at Vero Beach in Florida in 2016 it's an old picture but one of my many favorites. the thing I am sitting on we all thought it was a shark at first lol But as we got closer we found out it was not.

 we are too silly my stepdad surprised us all by taking us all to the beach and watch the sun rise it was a very beautiful site to see we need to go back to the beach.

Vero Beach is a small Florida city, with Atlantic-facing beaches on a barrier island across the Indian River Lagoon. South Beach Park offers wide sands and volleyball courts. Downtown’s South Beach Park chronicles the local citrus industry. On the outskirts, McKee Botanical Garden has tropical plants and water lily–filled streams. To the north, Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge shelters brown pelicans. 
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