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Product review: My Bath Bakery Spa Products for kids spring collection bath bombs And Easter Gift Ideas for 2017

Product review: My Bath Bakery Spa Products for kids spring collection bath bombs  And Easter Gift Ideas for 2017
My Bath Bakery Products are awesome i am in love with them all.  I have had the privilege of reviewing there spring products.
I been giving the privilege of reviewing there wonderful bath bombs Kimberly the owner sent me five awesome bath bombs to try and review.  
The Bath Bombs she sent me to try and review are the cookie and cream bath bomb as well as the Donut bath bomb and she also sent me two bunny bath bombs with glitter on them and a cute heart shaped bath bomb.
The cookies and cream bath bomb was awesome it made me feel like i was in a cookie and cream milk bath because the water looked like milk it was really cool to see.
The donut bath bomb she sent me smelled so good like strawberry's and it turned my water pink and it made my skin so soft.
 My bath bakery products would make great non edible Easter gift ideas for any one no matter what age they are fun and very r…

Spring Activity: Diy colorful bubbles and how to use simple house hold objects to blow bubbles.

Diy colorful bubbles and how to use simple house hold objects to blow bubbles.
This spring time activity is so fun to do and with the weather being beautiful and spring time here i have seen bubbles every were know at the store.
But i had fun making my own bubbles all you need is down dish soap and laundry soap mixed with water and to make them colorful add food coloring. Here is the recipe for the bubbles.

You can find simple house hold objects to use for bubble blowing like i found the spoon with the most holes worked better and a spatula. You can find more ideas on pinteret to use as well. My little sister tried it too and she said it was fun.
Blowing bubbles is good for self esteem and is fun and enjoyable.  It is calming and it build creativity by how different wands work and how big you can blow a bubble.
Pinteret has a lot of bubble activity's as well as spring time activity's for family to do together. I am so looking forward to doing spring ac…

My Favorite Accessories Earrings And Hats

More of my favorite pair of earrings
Favorite Hat
My Favorite Hat
My Favorite Purple Earrings.
My Favorite Accessories!
Every Girl Has a favorite Accessory. That could be  purses our shoes and Jewelry really anything.
I like earrings i am a earring kind of girl.  I were earrings were ever i go my favorite pair of earrings are the purple ones in the picture.  I also like hats my favorite hat is the blue and sparkly one in the picture i could were that Hat everywhere.
My whole Jewelry box has earrings in them lots of beautiful earrings.  I like all kinds long dangling earring and studs. to 
My favorite stores to shop for earrings our walmart and clarie's at the mall.
I started liking earrings when i got my ears pierced at fifteen My mom friend at the time had all kinds of earrings and she let me have a pair of them and i wear them everywhere they were the most beautiful earrings i have ever seen they were blue and dangled and sparkled in the sun.
I collected them ever since and had so many in …

Educational Spring Break Ideas For 2017

Spring Break Ideas For 2017
Looking for a fun and a educational family vacation this summer well you came to the right place.
This spring break make sure you visit Tarpon springs Florida It is the largest Sea sponge capital of the world i have learned a lot about sea sponges from visiting there and i did not know there was so many different kinds of sea sponges. And we got to learn how they harvest them. When i was there i asked a fishermen who just came in from being out in the sea i ask him how long were you out at sea he said 17 days that is a long time.
If you ever Go to port st Lucie make sure you visit the Manatee and Observation Center you will have to check some days are free and it is a fun and educational place to visit and you get to see the bones of a real manatee hang on the wall and other awesome things you will get to see and they have a big tower you can walk up to look for manatees in the water we did not get to see any that day. And they have hands on activity's for…

Like a sponge Sharing Whats on my heart,

Like A Sponge

Did you ever stop to think we are like sponges in away we soak up information like a sponge even kids to it too.

We soak up information by the music we listen too and the movies we watch and listening to what people say. Kids do it too by picking up on everything so be careful what you watch and listen too around them and watch what you say because they will follow you and your chooses you make and pick up on the words that you say.

God has blessed up with the the ability to soak up information in a way that we can use to please and honor him by read and soaking up Gods word and going to church and obeying the Lord  and most of all walking by Faith and following him and not the world.  We should also pray. Prayer is a big part of our christian walk.

Also we need too soak up Gods love for use and pour out are hearts to him and not hang on to are worry and burdens. Because when we hang on to something it kills use inside and takes are joy away because we are consumed by what …

Cedar Point Senior Year 2011

Me and My Friends 
Cedar Point Senior Year 2011
For my Senior trip we went to cedar point i was so excited i got to go with my class and friends and be part of a awesome amusement park.
We got to ride in a greyhound bus that the school picked out we got to watch movies for the long trip the movie they picked was pet deactivate with Jim carry i was not watching it i was too busy talking to my friends.
We got to go on all kinds of rides like the sky hawk my friend Adam went on that with me 3 times it was my favorite ride we also went on the trains and the old roller coaster and the Antique cars the first car i was allowed to drive one of my friends said that they were never riding with me again. We went on the Giant Wheel as well i was scared i did not like that one.
We also went on the Cedar Downs racing Horses And we went on the matterhorn ride were my friend dropped the bar on my leg and i ended up with a big bruise it hurt. We also went on the scrambler and the ocean Motion ride and the…