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My bath bakery spa products for Kids product review . May 2020

My bath bakery spa products for Kids. 

Yay my bath bakery spa products came today! My bath bakery is spa products for kids everything they make is awesome. 

I have been Sponsored by my bath bakery to do a review of there amazing products on my blog and social media accounts.
I have been reviewing my bath bakery products since 2016 and I have been using and reviewing there products ever since.
The products I received today was.
1 cupcake bath bomb the scent is strawberry shortcake.
1 sweet treat popsicle soap the scent is bubblegum
1 chocolate donut bath bomb with sprinkles 
1 candy bar bath bomb the scent is speckled lemonade.
I never know what products I get to review they are always a surprise and something new so I get all excited.
All there products come in fun food shapes and different fun scents .
They package there products so cute too and they are always packaged so pretty.
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how to workout and stay fit at home outside of the Gym.

how to workout and stay fit at home outside of the Gym.

I started taking my health seriously this year,
I start my keto journey two months ago I start taking keto diet more seriously for my health.
Once you start keto you never look at food the some way again I hardly ever eat carbs anymore and everything I eat is low carb or keto friendly.
I have been having so much fun cooking keto friendly meals and desserts for my family I love trying healthy recipes.
I also enjoy working out at home 5 day a week I enjoy doing Zumba and walk away the pounds as well as yoga.
I find so many free workout videos on YouTube I find all kinds of free Zumba videos on YouTube some with walk away the pounds and yoga videos.
you too can find all kinds of free workout videos on youtube.
When the weather is nice out my mom and I will go for a 2 mile walk as well. I love being outside walking and being active. 

I have a schedule every morning I get up  around 8:30am and do a workout for 30 minutes a day every morning I …

keto sausage balls recipe

Keto sausage balls
Here is the recipe
1 # Jimmy Dean Sausage
4 oz. cream cheese
10 oz shredded cheese
3 cups of carbquick

2-3 table of heavy whipping cream.

Mix all together in a large bowl. Form into small-medium balls and bake on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.
Bake at 350 degrees for 10 min or until done.
This made 24 sausage balls. This will depend on how you form yours. enjoy reading Angelika 

Keto best brownie bites ever.

Keto best brownie bites ever. 
I made the best keto brownie bites ever yesterday for my family. 
These where so good even my little sister ate them.
These are super chocolaty and filled with peanut butter goodness.
My mom is highly allergic to peanut butter so we used wow butter for her brownies It is a peanut-free butter.  I make my mom's desserts first. 
My sisters and I use regular peanut butter for ours. 
These are going to be my low carb brownie go to now. 
They are very fudge and chewy brownies.
Here is the brownie recipe.

Yummy low carb Stuffed Celery recipe

Yummy Stuffed Celery recipeI made these delicious low carb stuffed celery.
They are so good they make a perfect side to any dish. 
I found the recipe on Pinterest.
Are low carb lunch yesterday was chicken with ranch and hot sauce.  We also had creamy cucumber salad and stuffed celery as well.
My mom and I are doing low carb together not just to lose weight but for our overall health too Keto is very good for you and has many health benefits.
My mom and I enjoyed the crispy crunch of the celery it is so refreshing.

Here is the recipe for the outrageously Good stuffed celery.

I am Praying For my Future Husband

Praying for your Future Husband By Robin jones gunn. 

Picture found on pixabay for free.

I am Praying For my Future Husband

Jeremiah 29:11"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future."
I have been reading Praying for your Future Husband by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer, Robin Jones Gunn is my favorite Christian Author I love her books.
My grandparents got me this book for Christmas back in 2015 and I just now started reading it again this is how I came up with the idea for this blog post.
I would love to get married someday to someone I love.
From reading this book not only am I learning how to pray for my future husband but I am learning to pray for my self too.
I pray for my future husband's heart and that he has a relationship with Jesus our heavenly Father, I also pray that he has a kind loving heart for people. 
I pray for my future husband's salvation and that h…

I like being happy and I love smiling.

Me in port st lucie flordia 
I like being happy and I love smiling.
I also try to have a smile on my face even when things are just not going the way I planned. 
There is a saying I like that says Use your smile to change the world, Don't let the world change your smile.
I find joy and happiness in the little things like an Ant walking on a flower, I love flowers All flowers are my favorite they are so bright and beautiful. 
I love the ocean It is calming and I love hearing the waves wash up on the beach. I also like the breeze and salty air. 
Always remember to smile and look up at what you got in life. 
When I am sad I think of something that makes me happy like my mom and my family and friends I find joy knowing the My family will always be there for me in the good times and bad.
Being happy is something you will have to choose to do Being happy is a blessing and a gift from the Lord I believe that there is always something you can be happy about.
I love to laugh even at my own jokes La…