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How To Make Godly Decisions And How I Make Godly Decisions

  Growing up my family always Would Ask me Is That something God Would Do?. My grandma and mom always had a big impact on my faith and my Aunt Victoria keeping me in line. They have helped me become the women i am today with God's help too and lots of prayer for me and my sisters. Keeping what i have learned from my family and the bible is how i make my Decisions by praying and asking God what he would like me to do. There have been times i have been invited to a party with my friends and i always ask if there will be any alcohol and if there is i will not Go because I know that is not something God would be proud of and That is not a party i would take God too. When you are a born again christian God is always with you watching you and following you. We all make decisions in life and we Can always ask God to help use with those choices by praying and asking him to help you make the right choices. In the bible Jeremiah asked God to help him and guide him That is a prayer we can al

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