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Miss Angelika A kindergarten teachers aide at a Christian school 2012-2013 school year.

Miss Angelika A kindergarten teachers aide at a Christian school. 
I just graduated from high school in 2011 and was wondering were do I go, Next lord, I was looking for a job and the Job I thought I wanted was not the right Job for me I did not know what the Lord had planned for me that summer so I started volunteering at the new Philadelphia visitors bureau and praying and asking God to help me find that right job.

Then one day at church Miss Millard a lovely Lady I worked within the good shepherd's ministry asked me if I wanted to help her in class as a kindergarten teachers aide and I said yes I was really excited I went straight home and told my mom that I got a job and I told her all about I can remember to tell God thank you for helping me find a job know did  I know what a kindergarten teachers aide was no but I learned with time.

I can remember the first day the kids called me Miss Angelika and we had 20 students, 13 boys and 7 girls it was a big class I was happy to be part…

Visit Knox county Ohio mount Vernon Parks :)

The beautiful hiking trail was where we walked.
Me  at ariel foundation park 
The tower at the Ariel foundation park 
Me by the river of glass at ariel foundation park 
The beautiful creek 
Me under a tree at Ariel 
A beautiful leave in the water at the creek
Some information about the river of Glass

Me  by the old train tracks 

the beautiful river of Glass
Beautiful Blue Glass
Me hiking 
The beautiful creek 

Visit Knox county Ohio mount Vernon  Parks :)
If you never been to Mount Vernon Ohio you should add it to your bucket list of many parks to see they do have some really cool historical parks the one park called ariel foundation park was an old glass factory that they had restored some of its factories to go look at.
Ariel park is hom