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My favorite Subs to get a subway.

My favorite Subs to get a subway. 
I love the subway subs they are so good.
My favorite subs to get is the chicken bacon ranch sub on Italian herb and cheese bread. 
I also like the chicken breast sub on flatbread or Italian herb and cheese bread. 
For the chicken breast sub, this is how I order it first I tell them I want the chicken breast sub on Italian herb and cheese bread with pepper jack cheese I like to get that toasted, Then I ask for all veggies and spicy dressing and ranch on it. 

 For the chicken bacon ranch sub, This is how I order it First I tell them I would like the chicken bacon ranch sub on flatbread or Italian herb and cheese with American cheese I like to get that toasted as well. I also ask for all veggies on this one as well with more ranch.
Sometimes I like to make it a meal with chips and a drink,
I love all their food the cookies are so good my favorite cookie at subway is the white chocolate macadamia nut. 
I love coming here with friends and my family for di…

Places I want to visit and why.

Monkey in costa rica free picture on

Number 1 on my bucket list is Costa Rica. Why you ask because I want to go there and see the wildlife I love animals and I  would love to see the beautiful beaches there.
beautiful picture in Ireland free on pixabay.

Number 2 on my bucket list is Ireland. I want to go to Ireland to see the lavender field it looks so beautiful in pictures I would also like to see the beautiful sunsets. I heard from a friend of mine that the hills are beautiful there. 
Marilyn Monroe Grave free picture on pixabay.

Number 3 on my bucket list is Hollywood California. I want to visit Hollywood California to see Marilyn Monroes Gravesite and too see her house that would be so cool and I am a big Marilyn Monroe fan. Something else I would love to do there is to stay at the Marilyn Monroe suite at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. 

scotland picture free on pixabay.
Number 4 on my bucket list is Scotland. I would love to go to Scotland to see all the beautiful Castles and ch…

What I wore on my date with Adam. 2020

What I wear on my date with Adam. 2020

I went on Valentine's Day date with Adam very special Guy I know.
I wore a pink sweater with these really cute flowered pants and Valentine's Day earrings my sister let me borrow.
First Adam took me to the movies. we saw "The Photograph" and enjoy sharing popcorn. The movie was ok if you like romantic movies, so you may like this one.

Adam took me out to dinner at texas roadhouse and I got two pieces of BBQ chicken and a big baked potato with sour cream and butter it was so good.
I felt so special Adam took me to dinner and movie.
For Valentine's Day Adam got me a beautiful bracelet some dark chocolate with a strawberry filling and a super cute card and gift bag.
I made Adam a candy bar basket with M&Ms and candy bars I also made him a cute picture frame that says "Adam and Angelika".
After dinner we went to the mall to look around I had a great time with him.
I had a great date night with him he made my valentines day …

Adams Valentines Gift I made him a candy bar bouquet 2020

Adams Valentines Gift I made him a candy bar bouquet 2020
I made Adam A Candy Bar Bouquet for Valentine's day.

I started making Candy Bar Bouquets for 4H and all through high school this is the first Candy Bar Bouquet I made Adam.
A little bit about Adam we have been in each other's lives since Middle school we know each other through our youth group I was 14 when I first Got to  meet him. 
We have been to every school dance together plus 2 buckeye proms and one night to shine dance. After high school, Adam went to buckeye a career center so I went to prom with him there too.
I love Adam he is very special to me I love are facetime chats and spending time with him. 
To make a Candy Bar Bouquet is very simple and easy.

all you need is 
1 cup or basket.
1 bag of candy any kind will do.
1 styrofoam. 
1 bag of decorative paper.
Watch the video above it shows you step by step on how to make one.
My mom Stephanie Grams helped me make this and film it.

Being A Work at home blogger

Being A Work at home blogger

Hi My name is Angelika

I love being a work at home blogger Becouse I can blog about anything I want.

Being a work from home blogger has been great for me in some ways I am not on anyone's time and I don't have to wake up early for work.

I started blogging back when I lived in Flordia in 2015 so I have been blogging for quite some time now.

I think blogging is a fun way for me to express my self in a way that allows follows to get to know me and what I like and dislike.

I like being able to write about what I am passionate about like books and movies and so much more.

My goals for my blog is to get more follows and reach more people I would like to become a famous blogger someday.

I would also like to work on becoming a better writer and write a new blog post every day so my readers have something new to read each and every day.

I love blogging about makeup and Books as well as the many travels that I have been on with my family.

I would love to le…

Self-Care Ideas for 2020.

Self-Care Ideas for 2020. Here are My self-care tips
I love taking care of my self and my skin.
One of the ways you can take care of your self is working out even if it's 20 minutes a day.
Drink a lot of water that is a big one for me becouse I love my pop.
Wash your face twice a day with a mild cleaner. I have acne problems so I use Clearasil.
For fun use a face mask they make your face feel so clean and soft. 
I love using facemasks they make me feel so happy and relaxed when I use one.
Here is an idea why not host a spa night at your house with all your girlfriends How fun would that be. 
I hosted a girl's night when I lived in myrtle beach and it was a lot of fun we had different make up we got to try on and we served different snacks.
When I was in middle school my church hosted a ladies' night they did are nails and rubbed are feet and hands with different lotions. 
I love being a girl they make so many fun and exciting products for use girls. 
Find something that you like to u…

What makes me Happy

What makes me Happy 
Hi readers, I would like to share with you All What makes me happy. 
I have a lot that makes me happy and I am here to share with you what they are.
Here are 14 things that make me happy.

kind People
Music, I love listing to musicThe Sun, I love the sunshine my blog, I love bloggingmy friends, God has blessed me with great friends My family, I am very blessed to have a big family.Lipstick, I love lipstick and lipgloss My lord and savior Jesus ChristBooks, I love readingSpongebob, He makes me laugh Food, I love foodMovies, I love watching moviesshopping, I love shoppingChinese food, I love Chinese foodGoing on new Adventures, 
Here is my list.
Please share with me 14 things that make you happy.

10 things that I am grateful for.

10 things that I am grateful for. 
1. My lord and savior Jesus Christ.
2. My family
3. My friends
4. Being about to read and pray where ever I go
5.  Music I love music
6. Having my own room
7. Books I love reading

8. My eye I love my eyes
9. My beautiful hair I love my hair
10. My smile I love my smile

Here is my list.
What are you grateful for? 

North myrtle beach vs myrtle beach.

North myrtle vs
Myrtle beach.

North Myrtle Beach
Ihave been to both North myrtle beach and myrtle beach. 
My favorite was North  Myrtle Beach because it was lt was less touristy and more relaxing.
I also liked it becouse there was more wildlife to see in my opinion.
I found a cute little hermit crab walking along the water and I showed my aunt Tracy and she got a picture for me. 
I also liked it becouse I was able to find seashells.
Also, my Mom agrees she also liked north myrtle beach and she said it was more clean and family-friendly. 
North myrtle beach is less crowded with people and more relaxing.

Myrtle Beach I find in my opinion myrtle beach is crazier and the beach is more crowded with people. 
I enjoyed doing a bible study on the beach with friends.
Myrtle Beach is crazier and more touristy and with all the little shops and boardwalk there are more things to do there.
I found more seashells in myrtle beach then I did in north myrtle beach. 
I also found in my opinon is that myrtle beach is…

My top 9 favorite Foods.

My favorite Foods.
1. I love BBQ wings.
2. Pizza
3. Chinese food 
4. Subway.
5. Gyros
6. Tater tot casserole.
7. Cheesecake.
8. Cookies all kinds of Cookies.
9. Cheeder and sour cream chips. 

My favorite beaches I have Been too.

My favorite beaches. 

1. myrtle beach in South Carolina 
2. sanibel island In Flordia.
3. jensen beach in Flordia.
4. Hilton Head Island In south Carolina. 
5. Folly Beach in South Carolina.
6. Juno Beach In Flordia.
7. Outer Banks in North Carolina. 

8. Honeymoon Island 

Here is a list of my Favorite Beaches. 

Have you Been to any of there beachs? 
What beaches have you got to visit?

My Music playlist.

My Music Playlist. 
I love All types of music.

Here is My favorite songs.

1. Wait for you by Elliott Yamin 
2. Nelly- Air Force ones By Nelly.
3. In to the groove by Madona 
4. Don't even try it By Jai DA
5. Savage Garden I knew I loved you.
6. Nobody knows it but me by Babyface.
7.  Tell me How am I supposed to live with out you By Michael Bolton.
8.  Unbreak my Heart By Toni Braxton. 

10 things I can’t live without.

10 things I can’t live without.
1. My Bible.
2. jesus my lord and savior.
3. My friends and people I am close too.
4. My family who I am blessed to have in my life.
5. Books 
6. Movies
7. My phone I do not know what I would do with out my phone.
8. Facebook I love Facebook.
9. coffee I love coffee.
10. Food I love food.

10 things you probably don't know about me.

10 things you probably don't know about me.
1. I like lipsticks and lipgloss.

2. I love earring of all kinds small short and long.
3. I love to read at night in my room.
4. I love movies and quoting movies.
5. My favorite movies are Matilda shiloh and many more.
6. I love Marilyn monroe I have a lot of books about her and more.
7. I love spongebob and  I am a big fan of spongebob.
8. I love cooking and trying new recipes.
9. I like taking pictures I love photography.
10. I love blogging and doing reviews. 

Independent Make up review New shiny Lipstick from La colors

Independent Make up review New shiny Lipstick from La colors 
I Got this new shiny Lipstick from our local dollar tree and it is so pretty.
I love the color and it makes my Lips so shiny.
I am a lipstick obsessed  Girl I love Lipstick and Lipgloss.
When I saw this lipstick at our local dollar tree I just had to get it.
I would say I love this lipstick and the color.

What is your favorite Color of lipsticks?

I like red and pinks as well as natural colors.

do you like lipsticks or lipgloss?

I like lipstick