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Book review Kennedys last day by Bill o Reilly

Kennedy's last days was a great read.

Everything you need to know about the last days of JFK  can be found in the pages of this book.

I learned so much about JFK and his family from reading this book.

this book has 336 pages and is very easy to read.

This is a good read for young adults to learn more about John F Kennedy and his lasts day here on earth.  You can learn a lot about his family too in this story.

This Book should be in every school library it is very easy to read and great Educational book.

My goal for 2020 is to read 700 books this year I am really looking forward to it.

I finished reading this jan 17, 2020 @12;28pm

I have a book group on Facebook that I would love for you to check it out.

The group is called my reading friends come check it out.

You can find this book on Amazon.