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Showing posts from February 5, 2020

My top 9 favorite Foods.

My favorite Foods.
1. I love BBQ wings.
2. Pizza
3. Chinese food 
4. Subway.
5. Gyros
6. Tater tot casserole.
7. Cheesecake.
8. Cookies all kinds of Cookies.
9. Cheeder and sour cream chips. 

My favorite beaches I have Been too.

My favorite beaches. 

1. myrtle beach in South Carolina 
2. sanibel island In Flordia.
3. jensen beach in Flordia.
4. Hilton Head Island In south Carolina. 
5. Folly Beach in South Carolina.
6. Juno Beach In Flordia.
7. Outer Banks in North Carolina. 

8. Honeymoon Island 

Here is a list of my Favorite Beaches. 

Have you Been to any of there beachs? 
What beaches have you got to visit?

My Music playlist.

My Music Playlist. 
I love All types of music.

Here is My favorite songs.

1. Wait for you by Elliott Yamin 
2. Nelly- Air Force ones By Nelly.
3. In to the groove by Madona 
4. Don't even try it By Jai DA
5. Savage Garden I knew I loved you.
6. Nobody knows it but me by Babyface.
7.  Tell me How am I supposed to live with out you By Michael Bolton.
8.  Unbreak my Heart By Toni Braxton.