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Self-Care Ideas for 2020.

Self-Care Ideas for 2020. Here are My self-care tips
I love taking care of my self and my skin.
One of the ways you can take care of your self is working out even if it's 20 minutes a day.
Drink a lot of water that is a big one for me becouse I love my pop.
Wash your face twice a day with a mild cleaner. I have acne problems so I use Clearasil.
For fun use a face mask they make your face feel so clean and soft. 
I love using facemasks they make me feel so happy and relaxed when I use one.
Here is an idea why not host a spa night at your house with all your girlfriends How fun would that be. 
I hosted a girl's night when I lived in myrtle beach and it was a lot of fun we had different make up we got to try on and we served different snacks.
When I was in middle school my church hosted a ladies' night they did are nails and rubbed are feet and hands with different lotions. 
I love being a girl they make so many fun and exciting products for use girls. 
Find something that you like to u…

What makes me Happy

What makes me Happy 
Hi readers, I would like to share with you All What makes me happy. 
I have a lot that makes me happy and I am here to share with you what they are.
Here are 14 things that make me happy.

kind People
Music, I love listing to musicThe Sun, I love the sunshine my blog, I love bloggingmy friends, God has blessed me with great friends My family, I am very blessed to have a big family.Lipstick, I love lipstick and lipgloss My lord and savior Jesus ChristBooks, I love readingSpongebob, He makes me laugh Food, I love foodMovies, I love watching moviesshopping, I love shoppingChinese food, I love Chinese foodGoing on new Adventures, 
Here is my list.
Please share with me 14 things that make you happy.