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My new lipstick Shirazawa From Amazon 2020

My new lipstick Shirazawa From Amazon 
The lipstick I ordered back in December Finally came today from china.
I ordered this lipstick with the Visa Gift card my sister got me for Christmas  I ordered it from amazon.
I love it. It is so beautiful and very Red The lipstick is supposed to last 12 hours so we will see. 
I love how red it is I am a lipstick kind of girl I love lipstick, especially red lipstick. 
I started liking red lipstick when I saw that Marilyn Monroe wore red lipstick. 
I am a big fan of Marilyn Monroe I love All her movies and I have a lot of books about her. 
What I like most about this lipstick is that it is Cruelty- free and nourishing.
The color is the lipstick is called Best Red. 
On Amazon, it says that that the lipstick is easy to wear. Long-lasting, natural, and waterproof 
I let my mom try it on a well and she loved the color She said it is very red. 
You can find this product on Amazon…