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Book Review: Not a Blueprint: It's the Shoe Prints That Matter--A Journey Through Toxic Relationships

Book Review: Not a Blueprint: It's the Shoe Prints That Matter--A Journey Through Toxic Relationships
This book is a little scary some subjects like a women being abused by her husband and talking about it in the book and  it also talks about toxic relationships between to teenagers some of the things they talk about are a little touchy to some people but it is a true sign of what a toxic relationship is this book is also full of intense raw emotions.
This is a Christian book with truth it will really open your eyes to what a toxic relationship is.
This book brought a lot of members back.
 My mom always talked with me and mom sisters about toxic relationships and how to know that you are in one you don't have to stay in a toxic relationship Get Help.
There are so many people that have been in a toxic relationship and abusive home life there are ways you can get the help you need go to someone you trust and get away from the person that is hurting you.
Back the book I think this is a…

Book review: My little traveler series The BeeDog by Addie Broussard

I got this picture for the book on Amazon to do this review.
Book review: My little traveler series The BeeDog by Addie Broussard  
This is just a cute little book about a girl named Cora her and her neighbor Manny they in bark on an adventure to the beach in Carvalho beach in Portugal.
Cara and manny found the most amazing thing on the beach as they were making a sandcastle they came up with the cutest idea to make a cat in the sand manny brought with him toilet paper to us for the cat to make it look like the cat was playing with it and making a mess.

Manny fell on his sandcastle and he had toilet paper all over him there in the sand they see something moving under the toilet paper he moved the toilet paper and there it was a bee like creature that looked like a bee and acted like a dog digging in the sand when Cora ad manny got back home they search the internet for the insect they found they start typing in everything they saw at the beach they typed in beedog the first thing that sh…

book review : Sally Goes To Ireland By Mackenzi Cox

book review: Sally Goes To Ireland                                By Mackenzie Cox
This is such a cute book for kids about a little girl named Sally who goes to Ireland with her family sally knows that Ireland has a rainbow and at the end of every rainbow is a leprechaun with a pot of gold.

Sally has her mind set on finding a leprechaun and take his pot of cold but something else happens that changes her mind about the Gold,

When they got to the cottage in Ireland she was amazed there were so many beautiful wildflowers every were in the field she went looking for a rainbow to find the pot of Gold she then heard a little voice giggle she took a better look through her binoculars and yes she was all excited there it was a leprechaun who she thought stole her gold.

Sally then started running after the leprechaun saying they bring back my gold sally then got lost as she sat along crying she heard that little giggle again when she looked up there it was a tiny little leprechaun sitting o…

Book Review: Penelope the lost Pelican By Penny Beevor

Book Review: Penelope the lost Pelican By Penny Beevor 
This is such a cute book about a pelican named Penelope who always wanted to fly fast just like her parents she always said wait for me to her mom and dad Penelope's parents glide through the air to there nest Penelope flies to fast and she missed the nest she is lost and know she can not find her mom and dad.
Being scared that she can not find her parents she started going to the beach by sea looking for her parents there she spotted a dolphin floating on the surface of the sea Penelope says hello dolphin then she asked the dolphin what is your name she asked? The dolphin whistles with a sweet melody and kisses Penelope.   the dolphin asked do you have a name? I think you might have a name she says as she waves her little her little wing at her she named her new friend dolly Penelope sings The dolphin does a triple back twist.
Then Penelope and her new friend dolly set on a new adventure to find her parents they looked every wer…

Books that have not read yet that were in my closet so these are differently going on my summer reading list

Books that have not read yet that were in my closet so these are differently going on my summer reading list
With summer here you know what that means summer reading time and i love summer reading i always go to my local library and pick out a new book to read.
So this summer i am going to be sharing my favorite books and ones that i would like to read that are on my list of books to read so i will be blogging about those and doing a review on each one about why i like them and what i liked about the book and the characters in the book.
Here are some books i had laying around in my closet that i have not read yet that i am going to be reading this summer i got these book at the library for free for volunteering the ultimate love one i got at are local thrift store and the roller skate one i got at are local barns and noble book store on sale.
 I also got a new book at the dollar tree Crush volume one Lauren likes charlie Crush does he like her too?  
Here is a list of the names of the book…

Bee Kind sweeten your soul

Bee Kind sweeten your soulBeing kind gives me such a warm happy feeling inside it gives you a warm and happy feeling I love being kind and smiling and saying nice things.
Anyone can be kind at any age my kindness comes from the lord and being raised by a mom and a loving family that taught me how to be kind and shows kindness to people and people that don't deserve it.
Jesus says being kind is like honey sweet to the soul and healing to the bones are words are like a sweet yummy honeycomb but if our words are not kind it is like a nasty tasting sour apple that is rotted and hurts people.
You can us kindness to be bad too like don't be kind to get what you want that's not right don't us kindness for evil things.
You can learn kindness from others, Jesus, was a great example of how to be kind and loving make it a habit to practice being kind and apply it to your everyday life.
Be kind to everyone, not just certain people Jesus wants us to be kind to everyone be compassionate …

tales from the lilly pad

tales from the Lilly Pad 
I was watching the princess and the frog today and my favorite part is when they are going down the bayou when ray the firefly is leading Tatiana and Prince Naveen down the bayou and they follow all the beautiful fireflies that are in the movie it is such a beautiful scene from the movie.
I have seen a lily pad and they are so unique and cool all of them are different and I loved hearing the frogs in the water and the insects it is a very loud and unique sound.
If I were to tell a tale from lily pad it would go something like this a long time ago there was a lonely lily pad that found himself a magical place called water lily and in this place he was not along he was surrounded by people other lilly pads in the water he sow the strange creature that was green and had big eyes it jumped on him this weird creature was a frog there were lots of them hopping to one lily pad to another as he watched these frogs came in different colors and sizes all the other lilly p…

Kindness is the new thing it makes you beautiful on inside and makes you smile and people around you can see your kindness.

Kindness is the new thing it makes you beautiful on the inside and makes you smile and people around you can see your kindness.
Being kind is a new beauty it is always in season and it never goes out of season being kind is a beauty in it own everyone can see it on you and know that you did are said something kind and caring kindness is also classy and sparkly it sparks a light in you.

You never know when someone is going to need some kindness in their lives like a smile, someone, to talk to a hug and some help yesterday went to Walmart and lady need some help to pushed her shopping cart back and asked me if I could help I said yes, of course, she said thank you very much. 

Kindness comes in very many different ways you can lend a hand or volunteer somewhere are you could talk to someone that needs someone to talk to I am always telling my family and friends if you need some to talk to I am here.

You can hold the door for someone say please and thank you and your welcome watch your words …