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Interviewing Author Amanda Jaeger

Q1. Tell me about yourself?  A. As an author and copywriter, I'm a word nerd to the core. I've held every job you can think of that involves the English language: transcriptionist, sign language interpreter, and I was even a book slinger for children's books for a while. Since I can remember, I've also had a love for true crime. Over time, I sort of developed a habit of absorbing the details in the true-life scares and imagining how they would fit into a fictional tale. Enter my authoring career: I write fictional suspense stories that have true crime aspects weaved into the pages. When I'm not writing, I'm probably busy beating my kid's tails' at Mario Kart or listening to them retell one of their own stories they've created. Q2.What are your favorite books to read? A. I tend to read anything within the thriller subgenres (psychological, horror, crime, mystery, and of course, suspense). But really, the one thing that makes a good story for me is tha

book review: paddy Plum and the magic pencil by Stewart Jones

Paddy Plum is a little boy with a big imagination. Paddy can create the most amazing things with his magical pencil. But what happens when his pencil disappears? Will he ever go on another adventure? Children's picture book for ages 4 to 6 This is such a cute story I loved this book. My favorite was the  pizza rocket I loved it, I Would love to read more Paddy plum adventures. the pictures are bright and very colorful this would make a great storybook for all kids,  When I was a kindergarten teacher's aide I would read to the children in my class this is a book that I would have loved to read to them. This would make a great book for any classroom and library. What you can learn from this book is how to be creative and to use your imagination. The creativity in this book is amazing your kids will love it. I received a complimentary copy of this book for a review on my blog. But was not required to leave a review. All opinions are mine.