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Book review: True Friendship is sweet by Author Dr. Christie Black-Murrell,

Most recently, Dr. Murrell released a Children’s short story focused on a poignant issue in our country, diversity, and inclusion titled, “True Friendship is Sweet.” Looking for a way to talk to your kids about diversity??? THIS IS THE PERFECT BOOK to start the conversation! Emerson a racially sheltered six-year-old learns some valuable lessons when she meets a sweet friend Molly Ann and her not-so-friendly dad. This story is all about understanding how special we all are and how it is that diversity that makes for a "Sweet, Sweet Friendship" Great resource for counselors, teachers, and a perfect conversation starter for parents!   This is a  story about two little girls that look different but regardless of skin color can still be friends. There are also prompt questions and activities that parents or teachers can do at the end of the book with children. A much-needed book that can help teach children about the acceptance of people that don't look like them. When I was a


.  I would like to recommend MADELYN'S EXCITING BEACH ADVENTURE.  AUTHOR-Sharon Joffey the story is about a little girl who goes to the beach. When she is there she notices all the debris on the beach. She cleans up the beach. Her mom says to her, “Even a young girl can have a major impact on the earth.   the pictures are bright and very colorful this would make a great storybook for all kids,  When I was a kindergarten teacher's aide I would read to the children in my class this is a book that I would have loved to read to them. FACT: Reading and storytelling with babies and children promotes brain development and imagination, develops language and emotions, and strengthens relationships.  Madelyn also loves to take care of our mother earth.🌺🌱🌍 This would make a great book for any classroom and library. What you can learn from this book is how to be creative and how to take care of the earth that God has blessed us with. You can also learn how important it is to keep our be