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Interviewing Author Margie Harding

Interviewing Author Margie Harding Q1. Tell us about yourself. What are your favorite books to read? A. I am wife to Charles (45 years); mother to five grown children; grandmother to sixteen grandchildren; a loyal friend and writer. While not currently enrolled in any formal school environment, I am a perpetual student in a variety of different subjects! I enjoy reading and learning new things. When not writing or reading, you will likely find me quilting!    While I have an AA degree in Early Elementary Education, (a degree earned in 2007, with an award for Student of the Year in Education), my passion is creative writing. As a writer, my goal is to write my best and allow God to do the rest! As a born again Christian, I want my writing to bring glory to God, my personal Savior.   Favorite books to read:  Christian/spiritual books, historical fiction, autobiography and biographies, and how-to books—gardening, herbs, landscaping, quilting, etc...   (I think it has