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book review : Sally Goes To Ireland By Mackenzi Cox

        book review: Sally Goes To Ireland                                By  Mackenzie Cox This is such a cute book for kids about a little girl named Sally who goes to Ireland with her family sally knows that Ireland has a rainbow and at the end of every rainbow is a leprechaun with a pot of gold. Sally has her mind set on finding a leprechaun and take his pot of cold but something else happens that changes her mind about the Gold, When they got to the cottage in Ireland she was amazed there were so many beautiful wildflowers every were in the field she went looking for a rainbow to find the pot of Gold she then heard a little voice giggle she took a better look through her binoculars and yes she was all excited there it was a leprechaun who she thought stole her gold. Sally then started running after the leprechaun saying they bring back my gold sally then got lost as she sat along crying she heard that little giggle again when she looked up there it was a tiny little lep

Book Review: Penelope the lost Pelican By Penny Beevor

Book Review: Penelope the lost Pelican By Penny Beevor  This is such a cute book about a pelican named Penelope who always wanted to fly fast just like her parents she always said wait for me to her mom and dad Penelope's parents glide through the air to there nest Penelope flies to fast and she missed the nest she is lost and know she can not find her mom and dad. Being scared that she can not find her parents she started going to the beach by sea looking for her parents there she spotted a dolphin floating on the surface of the sea Penelope says hello dolphin then she asked the dolphin what is your name she asked? The dolphin whistles with a sweet melody and kisses Penelope.   the dolphin asked do you have a name? I think you might have a name she says as she waves her little her little wing at her she named her new friend dolly Penelope sings The dolphin does a triple back twist. Then Penelope and her new friend dolly set on a new adventure to find her parents