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Interviewing Author Krystal Henry

  Q1 tell me about yourself? Krystal Henry is an author, motivational speaker, and success coach, who created “Campaign Comeback,” a multi-dimensional coaching hub, offering solutions, strategies, and inspiration to a diverse clientele. She is often known for her innate ability to lead others " from what if,” to “what is." Having overcome life- changing battles with covid, cancer, infertility, and much more. Krystal proves herself an unfeigned survivor, equipped to change lives, bringing about a “Believe Better" mindset. Krystal is the Leading Lady of Power of the Gospel Ministries, alongside her husband Rev. Redd. Together they inspire the masses, on the trailblazing “Power Lift Podcast” a part of the Positive Power XXI Media family. Krystal is the author of inspirational manuscripts: “The Elements of You” and “Made to Lead Millions.” She has also co-authored in, “Letters to the First Lady: Devotional for Pastor’s Wives & Women Married to Ministry Le

Interviewing Author Gwen Richardson

  GWEN RICHARDSON  Gwen Richardson has been an author, writer, entrepreneur, and book industry innovator for decades. As an author, she has 13 published books, two of which were nominated for the NAACP Image Awards. Her latest children’s book, Boss Women: Seven African-American Women Who Built Their Businesses From the Ground Up, features seven African-American women who started their businesses by themselves or as co-founders with family members. Some of the enterprises are relatively new, while others have been established for decades.  Richardson is co-founder of, which was launched in December 1998 as the world’s largest African-American online retailer. Since then, the company has evolved into a world-class marketer/promoter for authors and publishers. Richardson is the national coordinator for the National Black Book Festival (NBBF), an annual event established by that celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2022. NBBF is the largest African-American book eve