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interviewing bob Calkins Search and rescue Dog trainer

interviewing bob Calkins Search and rescue Dog trainer Question 1 How did you get started in your career? A: I had always wanted to volunteer in search and rescue, and had done some communications for a SAR team in Seattle. (I’m also a ham radio operator.) My wife and I had previously owned a Great Dane, which would not be a good search dog unless your couch went missing. By sheer chance, I ended up with a golden retriever puppy named Sierra who tested well and we got started. Question 2 How do search dogs work? A: Search dogs work in a couple of ways. Sometimes we give the dog a scent article from the missing person and they follow their path. This works best in populated areas where there are many other human scents around. These dogs work on-lead with the handler right behind. Dogs trained this way are called “trailing dogs.” Out in the woods, we generally don’t give a scent article, and the dogs search for any human

Interviewing author Smita Ganeriwala

Interviewing author Smita Ganeriwala Q1.when did you decide you were going to write a book? A. It was a part of my bucket list, but finally in 2014, decided to go about to actually doing it.  Q.2 how did you come up with the name of your books  A. The first book ‘Shreya’s Eighth’ was easy as it is about Shreya’s 8th birthday...but to leave the children guessing decided to skip the word ‘birthday’ from it. Similarly, the second is named Samira’s SIT venture which is about the SIT- the Stay Indoor Tournament. The book is set during the rainy season so the name seemed appropriate. The third is ‘The Three on a spree’. This was a tough about planning for a vacation. Then realized shopping before a vacation is all that children think of so that the pictures come out great! 😊 The fourth book ‘The Braces Club’ is about a Braces club so...😊 Q. 3 what are you working on now for 20 18? A. I am writing the third book of the second series ‘The Double Digit