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Interviewing Author Michael McCarty

Interviewing Author  Michael McCarty  Q1.   Tell me about your self what are your favorite books to read?           A:    My name is Michael McCarty. I was born in the state of Iowa then moved to the state of Illinois. I have been writing forever … decades really. And getting paid for it. I have been published in such magazines as “Star log,” “Fangoria,” “Cemetery Dance,”  “Filmfax,” I was a staff writer for Science Fiction Weekly  (the official website of the Sci Fi Channel before it became the SyFy Channel) from 2001-2008 and a number of others.                2003, I published my first book called Giants of the Genre and have published 45 other books since. I have a blog about that and here is the link:                       My latests books include: Apocalypse America! (co-written with Mark McLaughlin), Dark Cities: Dark Tales and Ghosts of the Quad Ci

Book review: Frances Darwin Investigates By Eileen Moynihan

picture found on amazon Book review: Frances Darwin Investigates By Eileen Moynihan  Is a very good book that is a  and is a wonderful book. The Author  Eileen Moynihan   did an amazing job on the story. This book would make for a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for anyone that likes a good book and enjoy reading.  It is a must-read you should differently read this. This book has  50 pages the Age Level: 8 - 12. This is a great little book that is easy to read and fun this cute little book is about a 10 year old who wants to be a Investigator. What I really Like about this book is that is shows you that you can be anything you want if you put your mind to it just like Frances in the story her dream was to become a detective and that is what she did.  With the help of her grandma and some other adults she was able to become a great Investigator. Hey