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Interviewing Author Alan Black

Interviewing Author Alan Black Q1. Tell me about yourself what are your favorite books to read?  A.  I am semi-retired. My journey into writing began in college.  My origin as a writer was that of being a song lyricist.  Over the years I have worked on many different projects covering a wide spectrum of musical genres.  As I continued writing for music it has resulted in my writing evolving into that of being a Christian writer as well.   I enjoy reading books based on the Christian faith and quite often find myself reading online different excerpts from articles and books daily.   Q2. When did you decide you were going to write a book? A. To be honest I was not planning to write a book. During my slow time in the mornings, I found myself doing what I call camping.  Essentially vamping for me is writing out my Essentially vamping for me is writing down my thoughts.  This began back in the summer of 2015.  As time went by I began sharing some of my writings with

Interviewing Author Lisa Reinicke

Interviewing Author Lisa Reinicke  Q1. Tell me about your self what are your favorite books to read? A. Well, of course, I love children's picture books the best that is why I write them. I remember what a special time reading was for me with my mom and my aunt. My mother had my favorite book saved so I had it as an adult. It was Ponies and was a Rand McNally book. because I loved horses and have been on horseback since before I could walk.      My other favorites are the writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder when she wrote for the newspaper.  She was full of common sense and had an entertaining way of writing.     Lastly was the Rainbow Goblins. Mimi would disappear into the bedroom while I waited patiently on the loveseat. That was the best place to sit so I could share the warmth of her presence upon her return.  She would come back to the living room with the treasured book, “The Rainbow Goblins.” It was a very big book, with vivid artistry.  None of the childre