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Visit Knox county Ohio mount Vernon Parks :)

The beautiful hiking trail was where we walked. Me  at ariel foundation park  The tower at the Ariel foundation park  Me by the river of glass at ariel foundation park  The beautiful creek  Me under a tree at Ariel  A beautiful leave in the water at the creek Some information about the river of Glass Me  by the old train tracks  the beautiful river of Glass Beautiful Blue Glass Me hiking  The beautiful creek  Visit Knox county Ohio mount Vernon  Parks :) If you never been to Mount Vernon Ohio you should add it to your bucket list of many parks to see they do have some really cool historical parks the one park called ariel foundation park was an old glass factory that they had restored some of its factories to go look at. Ariel park is home to really cool things like the river of class and the maze as well as a tower you can walk up it used to be the factory's chimney that they had restored so y