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Interviewing Author Ann Lenaers

Interviewing Author  Ann Lenaers Q1. Tell me about yourself. What are your favorite books to read? A. I’m a single mom of one amazing daughter, currently 11 years old. My passion is my work as a Christian author, public speaker, and certified life coach! I strive to help people develop healthy communication skills and emotional intelligence through the Word, science, psychology, and experience so we can mature together. I enjoy all kinds of books, but I’ve been reading a lot of faith-based books lately. Currently it’s “The Kingdom Of God Is Within You” by Leo Tolstoy. It’s a book about the Christian view of non-aggression by the same man who wrote “War & Peace”. I love a book that challenges my thinking! Q2. When did you decide you were going to write a book? A. Life has thrown heavy emotional challenges my way that pushed me to write in a therapeutic capacity. I realized I enjoyed it, so when I have a message to share, I often get the writing bug. It’s at a

Book Review: Angels are Gods Helpers By Shelly morrow whitenburg

Book Review: Angels are Gods Helpers By Shelly morrow whitenburg  Angels are Gods Helpers  is such a cute book I loved the pictures and the story The title of the book is very cute as well how creative.  I love the christian theme in the book as well as the beautiful angels. This book would make for a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for anyone that likes a good book and enjoy’s reading.  Great Book that is inspirational and interesting and enjoyable to read each page is wonderful and I love the cover it is beautiful. he author did an amazing job on this book;  The illustrations in this book are so cute and exquisite.  I really enjoyed this book and how cute it was. I RECEIVED A COMPLIMENTARY COPY OF THE BOOKS FOR THE BOOK REVIEWS ON THIS BLOG BUT WAS NOT REQUIRED TO LEAVE A REVIEW.  ALL OPINIONS ARE MINE.  The book is already published on Amazon, so if you are looking for a good children’s book, this is good.