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I Miss The Beach!

I Miss The Beach! What I would give to be at the beach again under the warm hot sun and the sweet smell of sunscreen wearing sunglasses. I miss that and seeing all the beautiful wildlife on the sea and on land this picture was taken at Vero Beach in Florida in 2016 it's an old picture but one of my many favorites. the thing I am sitting on we all thought it was a shark at first lol. But as we got closer we found out it was not we are too silly my stepdad surprised us all my taking as all to the bea ch and watch the sunrise it was a very beautiful site to see we need to go back to the beach I miss traveling with my family we have been to so many places and saw so many beautiful and wonderful places. our favorite was myrtle beach when we moved we left a piece of our hearts we just loved everything about it the beach and the boardwalk and the Broadway at the beach and so much more we loved the little shops. Another favorite place to live was port st Lucie Florida we