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Interviewing Author Tiffany White.

Interviewing Author  Tiffany White.  Q1. Tell me about yourself what are your favorite books to read? A. I am an Author, Speaker and Writing Coach. I have been on this journey as an author for six (6) years and I have committed to using what I’ve learned during my journey to help others start their journey. I host a weekly broadcast entitled Tiffany’s Tuesday Tidbits on Facebook LIVE and Periscope where I give a moment of wisdom that would prayerfully carry viewers throughout their week. Encouraging others through the form of speaking is my passion. My favorite genre of books is Christian Devotionals, Self-Help, and Christian Reads. Q2. When did you decide you were going to write a book? A. My journey as an author is interesting. Here’s a snapshot: I dreamed of becoming an author while in Elementary School; however as I got older, learning disabilities discouraged me to pursue my dream of being an author. I became the average student because I couldn’t get pas