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Low Carb Wow butter no -bake cookies coconut and chocolate.

Low Carb Wow butter no-bake cookies coconut and chocolate. These Low Carb Cookies are so good they are delicious I love the chocolate and coconut taste they are sure easy to make. I like to use wow butter in are cookies becouse my mom is highly allergic to regular peanut butter.  1/3 cup of shredded  coconut   1/2 cup of powdered sugar low carb I like to us swerve you can add more if needed. 1/4 cup of wow butter  Here is the website for the nut-free peanut butter called wow butter. 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream  1/4 cup of cocoa powder unsweetened Put Parchment paper on a cookie tray. In a pan add two tablespoons of butter then add in the low carb sugar swerve, then the wow butter and the heavy cream, cocoa powder.  mix well untell it becomes a dough then take the pan off the stove and mix in the shredded coconut.  Using A ice cream scooper scoop the dough up into little balls and start placing them