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Book review Akea By Elizabeth jade

Book review Akea By Elizabeth jade  This is a great book about friendship courage and loyalty. This book has a powerful message to it the story is heartwarming and epic  this book is a great book for young and old a book for all ages and it is a fun adventure book, This author Elizabeth jade did an amazing job on this story that takes us on an adventure love and danger and finding your self. Akea is a beautiful story about her finding her self and discovering who she is and what her purpose is. This a great story that draws you into the characters and makes you want to know what happens next I liked this book. Akea was a great adventure story I loved reading Akea's adventure and the friends she Got to meet along the way. Akea is a wonderful story for young adults and adults and children. What I love about this is the wold theme I love wolves and so does my aunt wolves are so amazing and there is some about them that amazing and magical. You